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I'm kinda scared that VH1 is already doing "I Love the 90s" 'cause we've only been in the '00s for 3 1/2 years. I don't know if we can really remenise about that decade like we could about the 80s or even the 70s (even though I couldn't reminsece about the 70s, but Ted could and that was scary).

But right now they just fished their thing about slap bracelets, and I could reminise about THAT. Holy crap did I love slap bracelets. They were right up there with troll dolls. I must have had 20 of those things - I was the slap bracelet QUEEN! I had 5 of them on each arm and all feared my slap bracelet prowess (actually, that's a lie. Nobody feared me, but they loved me 'cause I would share them and we'd all have fun with them. No, that's a lie too - no one love me or my slap bracelets.)

But really - I thought slap bracelets were great. I loved the fact that when the rumor came out that slap bracelets could hurt you because of the metal they started making these cheap plastic ones that really sucked. You knew who was cool by who had the metal flesh cutting ones.
At my school they didn't try to pull the flesh-rending rumor, rather they claimed that because of the metal, they would wreck the computers by their mere proximity. I believe they fed us some line about strong magnetic fields or something...anyway, I was at Hot Topic they other day and they have these studded slap braclets...it is rather scary, though, when childhood icons such as those are now today's kitsch at places like Hot Topic...
Hot Topic, as cool as it is, feeds off of the fads of the day, like anything retro.

But there was a comment on I Love the 90s about slap braclets being the gateway into a world of bondage ;)
slap bracelets...ah, elementary school memories...=)
Slap braceltes were totally banned at my school after someone cut themselves with one. It sucked.