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Fiddler's Green

As some of you may remember, a few months back I sent the people at Fiddlers Green an email saying that I was more than willing to help with the con.

Recently I have been dubbed "The Tee Shirt Goddess" for the sandman convention. I am in charge of taking orders and will be in charge of sending these shirts out. If I do a decent job - I will probably be the resident tee shirt goddess for the real convention tee-shirts and not just the teaser shirts that I'm doing now.

As a result this means I have to re-teach myself excel. It's been a good couple years since I had to use it, and now I have to make a nice little table to keep track of all the tee-shirts and whatnot. I'm petrified I'm going to screw up somehow and people won't get their shirts. But I have faith.

So yes - I will be at the Sandman Convention this fall. I think it's well worth the $100. They tell us that the volunteers will get something really keen for doing all this work while still having to pay the con fees. We don't know what the keen thing will be, but it will they assure us, be definitely keen. KEEN I SAY!

For me, really, I'm just happy I get to help with this. Because, in a small way, it's like working for Neil himself. Neil is my boss.

No, no he really isn't. I'm just a sad sad little girl.
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