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Fabio means bean grower.

How did I Love the 90s miss this amazing fact?
Because "I love the 90s" is infantile poorly researched schlock aimed at glorifying pop culture and givint yet another kick in the teeth to the subculture that couldn't give a crap? just a thought. =)

No, you're right. I watch it in the hopes that they're going to show things I actually remember. So far, Buffy The Vampire Slayer hasn't had a time slot.

HOW COULD THEY MISS THAT!??!?! Even though BtVS is part of the subculture, it has had enough impact on the main stream. But alas and alack.

VH1 should have waited 10 years before doing this instead of riding on the popularity of I love th 70s and I love the 80s. That way we would have forgotten enough of the 90s to care adn it probably would have been better researched.

Of course, eitehr way, I highly doubt you would have watched ;)
(Deleted comment)
Totally! I mean, they missed Buffy the Vampire Slayer. THAT pissed me off.
(Deleted comment)
Really? They missed The New Kids? I could have SWORN I saw them talking about that band...or maybe it was on "Most Awesomely Bad Songs Ever"...I dunno, I get confused with all the VH1 count downs and what not...but I still watch them *hangs her head in pseudo-pop culture shame*

But I think it's hard to reminise about the 90s already - I really wished they had waited a few more years.

Oh - And they didn't cover the the Oaklahoma City Bombing either. The covered the branch davidians but not that...*sighs*