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So for the past few months I've been playing Kingdom of Loathing.

I'm level 13 right now and have finished the quests available. RIght now my only challenge is to see how much meat I can get from my store (Aardvark's Antiquities) and give it to the clan (The Penis Farmers and Savage Nipple Danglers). Within 3 days of starting the clan we have a full gym, a meat tree and a calendar. Much thanks goes out to my clan mates who have been building me things to sell (Familiars sell like hot cakes, so does anything that takes effort to build like clockwork maids or detective skulls).

Right now I'm nervously checking my store almost every hour, making sure no one's undercutting me, changing prices, donating it all to my clan.

I am a sad sad SAD individual. I REALLY need that job at Omni.
I know the feeling. .. .Chris Hayne showed me it this weekend. OHHHH so good. I'm a Level 3 Seal Clubber already. . . .can't wait to bust out my seal clubbing whack a mole :-p
you should join the clan baby - we kick ass and I will make sure we continue to kick ass.
Wait! If you get a job at Omni, who's gonna mind your store??? Think of the clan children! All those unscrupulous shopkeepers are going to undercut you to pieces in your absence! NOOOOOOOOOOooooooo!!


Oh, yeah. Just a game. Meat does not equal money in the real world. Go get your job!
I have nothing to say about the actual contents of this post, given that I don't know the game, but I just have to say...this new icon of yours ROCKS.
hahah thanks! Do you know the joy that is Foamy and IllWill press?
Sadly, I do not. What is it?

It's a bunch of cartoons starring Foamy the Squirrel, who's just an angry little squirrel and his "owner," a sad little goth chick.

My favorite is "5 more minutes..."

Go take a look, it's good stuff :)
Does it have sound? If so, it will have to wait, because my work computer has no sound, and my home computer is currently incapaciated (I don't even have time to call tech support until the end of this upcoming week...sigh)
What is your name on KoL? I'm my second favorite character from ASoIaF with an underscore between his two names. I'm only a level 2 yeast scholar, but then again I only started when I read this post.

Btw, months!!!??? Why didn't you share this game?
Sorry! Sam got me hooked on it back in April after he had been talking about it back in March. I guess I just wasn't thinking :-P

BTW, John_Snow, I have two characters, both are named from the 2 lead females in my favorite webcomic.

When you level up enough, come and join our clan!
SCORE!! Level 4 seal clubber....damn, never thought I'd be happy about clubbing seals *does baby seals dance* Anyhew, we need to have a bash in GB next weekend, to celebrate me turning 22 today. Ya up for it? (I know 'Buster would be, of course).
I'm in your clan. Have you played at all since getting your new job? The economy is in turmoil, penguin mobsters are shaking down travelers, it is madness--and fun!

Hey - welcome to the clan! I'm glad to have you on board. Yes, I have been playing - I don't know what's going on with the economy. My store has been almost bought out so many times - and with almost no meat to show for it. I just don't know what to do....

I donate most of my meat to the clan anyways...
What is your name on KoL? I have no idea what your favorite webcomic is!

Also, two questions. Why isn't the meat tree clickable? What do I have to do to earn a title?
Oh, and I had extra money (everyone does!) so I put some into the clan.
"kie - I'm PeeJee and Aubrey, so I'm the leader of the Clan :) The meat tree isn't clickable, but you should be earning meat. I don't know exactly how it works but I think it has been working. YOu should have 500 extra meat a day as long as our coffer has over 50000 meat in it.

As for the title, what would you like your title to be? That's basically how people have been getting them. I ask, they tell me, I put it in.
Well I dumped a bunch of meat into the coffer, so it should be working just fine! :-)

After much thought and several martinis I have decided I would like the title

Savage Penis Wrangler Bitch Queen

It won't all fit so you're now Savage Penis Wrangler Queen :)
that works!

Do you really need a proofreader/editor?