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I really think I'm going to like it at Omni Resources.

My first 3 days at work have been pretty fun. I sort through email and send it to the recruiters. I file paper work and re-format the resumes recruiters are interested in.

Yesterday was really laid back. Thera, the office branch manager, was out all day so it was a pretty casual atmosphere. Sharon (the office manager and my immediate boss) and I sorted and filed consultant paperwork and work for Wells Fargo.

The office itself is small - only 5 other people working with me. We're on the 12th floor and while I myself don't have a window, the people who do like to keep their door open.

I feel like it's the first week of school - I'm all excited and what not. I have new clothes to wear and a whole new business world to explore and understand.

I don't leave work angry at people. I like that feeling.
Glad to here that things are going well with the new job...hope it continues to be better than the last one! =)