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I'm making my first post from work (oooooooh - ahhhhhh)! I just got done with the filing of the day. It's strange though - as I was filing my littel heart out I started to remember things about the alphabet that I would tell myself back when I was first learning it.

I was a weird kid (still am) and to help me remember the order of letters I would make up little soap opera stories. Like T was jealous because S got to sit next to R. Y was always off in his own little world. G and H were friends but G didn't like H hanging around with I and J.

I'm really not kidding about this. These were my little stories and because I did this when I was little they have ingrained themselves into my brain. I haven't done much filing as of late so I haven't really paid attention to it - but once I did it all came flooding back to me. It's hard to explain what it's like in my head when I'm filing these things.

"Lesse...U comes after T because it's afraid of S. L and K won't invite M or N to their party. S really wants to be R, and I mean REALLY."

I have no idea why I started this when I was a kid, or ever how it helped me remember the order of letters (I mean common, all you have to do is sing the stupid song) but it's just stuck in the back files of my brain now. Forever and Ever will D and E have a special little bond that F just won't be able to break.

I also have no idea why all these relationships sound like really bad soap opera plots.

Anyways - my bosses should be back from lunch soon. THen I'll be able to scurry off somewhere to eat and come back to more filing. YAY! DANCE HAPPY LETTERS! DANCE!
DandE OTP4EVROMG!!!eleven!!
My fandom thinks alphabet slash is hot.
It's right up there with state pr0n.
Oklahoma: Yeah that's right bitch - take it all!
Texas: Yes! Yes!
Oklahoma: Who's yer daddy? Who's yer daddy?
Texas: You are you big butch of a state! Spank me harder!

OMG - this is like my 1st time ever writing slash - so like - give me feed or I'll never write againg kplzthnx!!!oneoneelevenone!!!
OMG! That waz s0 c007! U muzt rite m0r3 fic!

Seriously not bad for what was probably a five second thing. And hey you managed to sound like one of those stupid twelve year olds. Go you. For more state pr0n go here and read what Jacklemmon wrote you'll like it muchly.
Dude, i have to say, i love your icon :)
Thanks! Wicked is one of my most favorite musicals now :) "Defying Gravity" rocks my world.