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Thank you everybody for the hugs yesterday. Here's what happened:
Yesterday my parents were to fly into Mpls at around 3ish or so. They were going to pick me up from work, meet my co-workers, see my new office, see my new home, and then go off for dinner. Afterwards, they were going to drive up North for my mom's reunion (which is why they made the trek out here).

WEll, right as I was going to lunch I got a call from my dad saying that they were still on the ground in Sac. There was something wrong with the plane and it needed to be fixed. THis presented a problem because the flight was full and so was the next flight out of Sac to Mpls. My parents were told that the plane would be fixed and all would be good - just late.

After lunch I get another call from my dad saying that NorthWest COULDN'T fix the plane and they were now trying to find another airline. They would fly into Mpls tonight, but it would be LATE. THey did make it in, though, but at 10pm. They then decided to drive straight to Duluth.

All of us were very upset with how things happened.

For me - I have no one to be angry at. The world, I guess. It's not really NW's fault that the plane broke, it cirtainly isn't my parent's fault, it's not my fault - it just happened. Unfortuneately, this happens a lot to me. Somehow the road (or flight path) to Minneapolis is cursed. It's like when I REALLY want to see somebody - the fates decide that it's just not a good idea for that to happen. This makes me worry about my friends who are coming up for my house warming party. I REEEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY want to see them and I am petrified that all of their cars will break down, or a family member will get sick, or the apocolypse will strike. SOMETHING will happen and I am worried.

I'm just a little frustrated at how things turn out at times. I get frustrated when people don't know all the facts of the matter and get upset at me (which is sometimes my fault for not explaining situations better - and then I get frustrated at myself). I'm frustrated with how sometimes it feels that I do make efforts for my friends and sometimes it's not reciprocated.

BUT - I need to focus on the great things that will be happening: My brother is flying into town on Friday. Sam, CJ, Elaine, Carolyn, AmyLou and her gang, Alli, Sarah, possibly Ed, Disco, Penny Lane, Patty, and who knows who else will be coming from wisconsin for my house warming. My friends from the cities have been RSVPing as well. Pearl is coming home for a visit later this month. These are things to look forward to and be happy about. All the little things that I am getting frustrated about - I can just push them aside - I don't NEED to get worked up over what I don't have, but at what I'm recieving.

It's not having what you want
It's wanting what you've got
I know that I've mentioned it previously, but officially I will be there. Pretty sure Brian will be too...It's probably best to double check with him. Is there anything you'd like me to bring? Mixers, booze, snackies?

Not only is the road to MN cursed, the road to GB is cursed as well. It killed my van before we even left town.
What are you doing on Friday night? I want my chair (preferably before the party).
Friday night my brother flies into town but that's not until 8. I can bring the chair over any time after work or even after I pick up Erik.

Also - I could bring it over tonight too