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I've been up since 5 today. Of course, I also went to bed at 7:30. It was only to be a nap so I could do my laundry and my dishes and throw out the trash, but that didn't happen. I just kept on sleeping. I think it's good because I probably won't get that much sleep this weekend.

I am SO excited for the party this weekend!! Sarah, Alli, Zack, Penny Lane, and Lori are all supposed to drive up here tonight. I feel bad because I'm probably going to put them to work cleaning so the house looks decent by tomorrow. We're also going to put together my new grill and get food and booze.

The opening ceremony for the Olympics are tonight as well. Is anybody else excited about this? I am!

I just realized that I have no decent way of playing music for the party...anybody have any suggestions on hooking my computer up to either my TV or speakers so that we can have music? Or could anybody bring a small stereo or something? We could put CDs into my DVD player, but I like a mix...

Also, my friend Chris is leaving for Vegas today. Sometime today I will look out the window at the planes going by and wave to him. He was one of my first friends at SNC and while both of us have changed over the past 5 years (almost six now) we've remained fairly close. Really, in the end, it's just me and him.

Anyways, I'm going to throw some trash out and put on my work clothes before I scurry off to Omni.

Can't wait to see most of you guys this weekend! YAY!
Honeslty, I don't know. Knight_monk said that he might drop by at some point but I haven't heard from anybody else for sure.

And please do bring someone. If you can corral other LJers into coming, that would be swell as well. IT's going to be a very interesting mix of people. I know a lot of different people and I am excited to see how they all will mix!
Cool, it might just be for a bit though because we are running around all day :)

Where do you live anyway
3603 Aldrich Ave S #102 IT's the corner of 36th and Aldrich