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This weekend rocked socks.

All day friday I got calls on my cell phone from my friends who were coming into town for the party. Most of them were just checking to see what time things started but most of them were calling because they lost the directions :-P. All the calls just excited me more about the upcoming party.

I got home and started to do some cleaning that I should have been doing all week but didn't because I was still exhausted from my family visiting. Lori (zeppelina) was the first to arrive followed shortly by Sarah, Alli and Zack. Sarah and Zack soon took off for his Uncle's house in Eden Prairie 'cause Sarah is deathly allergic to Sasha.

So then Alli and Lori helped me clean. Actually, they did most of the cleaning while I gathered laundry to wash (which was good, all of my towels got used this weekend - I'm glad I had them cleaned for people) and took out the trash. We watched the olympic openings (my olympic musings will have to come at a different time) and went to bed exhausted but happy. Lori and I spent the commertials watching her clips of James Marsters (Spike is my porn).

Saturday morning came all too soon. The party was to start at one and I still needed to get all the food and booze for the party along with some more folding chairs for people to sit on. Alli and I went on the run while Lori cleaned my kitchen. We came home at 12:30 to unload everything. Alli and Lori worked on food preperation as I was in the backyard getting the drinks ready. At that point Carolyn (chaos_ensues) came and helped me to set up the grill. It took us a few minutes but we soon got it fixed.

Mike was the next to arrive sometime around 2ish. I really wasn't worried about the start time of 1. I knew that a lot of people were coming from all over so starting it early gave them a lot of leeway of when to get here.

Pretty soon everybody was arriving. Sarah and Zack came back from Eden Prairie (Zack was Grill Meister General for the night), Sam arrived, as did Brian (bark2themoon) and Kelly (froggie_girlkel). Penny Lane, Buster and Buster's friend David (who stood in for Zack as the Grill Meister when Zack got drunk) followed close in suite. CJ and Elaine dropped by as soon as they were able to get their dog off at the hotel in Burnsville. Adam (amerikanpatriot)sneaked in somehow and I almost missed him.

eowynmn and knight_monk showed up to represent my LJ consistory and MA (captainmplanet), Jason, Lauren (lytledebbi), Natalie (big_cheese_007) and Timmy brought up the rest of my Minneapolis crew.

The bbq was hoping and we almost ran out of food by the time AmyLou (VVer), Byron, Nick, and Bugg came (we think Nick perhaps has broken the greebs/mpls road trip curse, be we don't know for sure). As it got darker outside we brought it in a bit. It's nice having a place so close to the back yard. The smokers and the drunks in need of air didn't have far to go.

Timmy was the only truly trashed person at the party (ever party has to have one) but we managed to get him to the bathroom and put him to bed in the bathtub for the remainder of the night (mad props go to Mike and Byron for the 100 yard drunk drag as well as Will for the ever graceful bucket manuver).

There were political debates between MA, Penny Lane and knight_monk in the kitchen and lord only knows what people were discussing in the foyer. We made it through all of the beer, wine coolers and pussy ale and most of the soda. My face hurt from all the smiling I did. The party was amazing. I owe Alli almost everything because she really helped get people to clean up and it went really fast. I LOVE YOU ALLI!

Long about 2 (or was it 3?) we closed up shop, shooed everybody out of the house who was staying someplace else, cleared off the floor, put in Kill Bill and gathered around the warming glow of wonderful movie violence.

Sunday came and we all groggily woke up around 9 or so. Showers were taken and pancakes were made. CJ and Elaine came over with their Dog Reily and Mike was soon to follow. Nick moved himself from the couch to my bed where he stayed for most of the afternoon as the rest of us went out for lunch. Sam and Lori both drove back to Milwaukee and Timmy took AmyLou and Penny Lane out to show them UpTown. Most of us stayed home and took naps then chilled out around the house. It was a nice relaxing day of olympics, flash animation and movies. I tried to get to bed by midnight, but I just couldn't sleep. I did manage around 2, and I made it to work on time.

Overall, this was one of the best weekends I've ever had. The party was fantastic and it was soooooooooo great to see all of my friends together. I wish I had more time with everybody who showed up. I'm going to have to make trips to Milwaukee so that I can see my friends there.

I'm just so happy that everybody seemed to have a good time. I've forgotten how much I miss my friends in Greebs, and it was so special to have them come out and see the city that I love so very much.

This weekend rocked socks.
You throw a rockin' party. Thanks much! Go team MEG!
I had a loverly time :) YOu should hold parties more often!