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I'm bored at work today so I figured we all could play a little game called "In My Pants"

All you have to do is think up a movie title and put "in my pants" after it. I've been playing this game since my Soph. year at SNC and it never gets old. I play it on car trips to Greebs and I played it for 4 straight days last summer at DefCon XI.

I'll start, you guys can follow. List as many as you like. Point may be awarded to really creative or really obscure titles.

Ready? Here we go...

The Two Towers...IN MY PANTS!
"Castaway in My Pants"

"Alien Resurrection in My Pants"

"Flubber in My Pants"

"Half-Baked in My Pants"

"Fargo in My Pants"

Wow. That works for anything.
it totally does. It's an addictive car game and when played with other people can you totally see people's line of thought.

And I'm so giving you points for "Flubber" and "Half-baked." Bravo Zulu
Apocalypse Now...IN MY PANTS.
The horror...the horror...
The Fellowship of the Ring...IN MY PANTS!
The Return of the King...IN MY PANTS!
-Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure In My Pants
-And Now for Something Completely Different In My Pants
-The Meaning of Life In My Pants
-Edward Scissorhands In My Pants (ouch!!)
-Interview with the Vampire In My Pants (Spike?!!)
-10 Things I Hate About You In My Pants
-Snatch In My Pants (HA!)
-Labyrinth In My Pants
-The Neverending Story In My Pants
-Do The Right Thing In My Pants
wild things...in my pants
jungle fever...in my pants
open water...in my pants
the ring...in my pants
chocolat...in my pants
love actually...in my pants
heat...in my pants
aladdin...in my pants
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...IN MY PANTS!

Points awarded to "Open Water"

...ew...water sports...
Welcome to the Dollhouse in my Pants
Grumpy Old Men in my Pants
Mean Girls in my Pants
Titanic in my Pants
Mallrats in my Pants
Strange Brew in my Pants
The Last Polka in my Pants
Lolita in my Pants
But I'm a Cheerleader in my Pants
Chasing Amy in my Pants

damn this is fun!
okay, MAD points awarded to Welcome to the Dollhouse, Mean Girls, and But I'm a Cheerleader. Seriously, those had me laughing.

How Green Was My Valley...IN MY PANTS
Three Men and a Baby...IN MY PANTS
The Adventures of Baron von Munchausen...IN MY PANTS!
Here's to hoping I don't repeat anyone's....

Iron Giant In My Pants
I Saw What You Did Last Summer In My Pants
Son of Sam In My Pants
Whatever Happened To Baby Jane In My Pants?
It's A Wonderful Life In My Pants
Chocolat In My Pants
Ed Wood In My Pants
Pretty In Pink In My Pants
Working Girl In My Pants
Star Trek: Insurrection In My Pants
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon In My Pants

The only one that's a repeat was "Chocolat," and I'm adding to your list with...

Star Trek 3, the search for Spock...IN MY PANTS!
The Breakfast Club...IN MY PANTS!
Saving Private Ryan...IN MY PANTS!
PeeWee's Big Adventure...IN MY PANTS!

And as my mom pointed out, no one has used...

Gone With The Wind...IN MY PANTS!
Stacy...in my pants!
Junk...in my pants!
The Crazies...in my pants!
Ringu...in my pants!
Biohazardous...in my pants!
Like Water For Chocolate...in my pants!
Jacob's Ladder...in my pants!
Blue Velvet...in my pants!
Hellboy...in my pants!
The Punisher...in my pants!
Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park...in my pants!
Backdraft...in my pants!
Bowling For Columbine...in my pants!
The Whole Wide World...in my pants!
Dead and Buried...in my pants!
Come Get Some...in my pants!
Meat Market...in my pants!
Monkey Shines...in my pants!

Mmkay, I'm done. >_>
Amelie-in my pants
Kids-in my pants
Bring it on-in my pants
Secret Window-in my pants
Lost Highway-in my pants
Primal Fear-in my pants
American Beauty-in my pants
Bad Santa-in my pants
The Hot Chick-in my pants
Cruel Intentions-in my pants
Eraserhead-in my pants
Army of Darkness-in my pants
The Nightmare Before Christmas-in my pants
The Lion King In My Pants
There's Something About Mary In My Pants
12 Monkeys In My Pants
A River Runs Through It In My Pants
Mrs. Doubtfire In My Pants
Spirited Away In My Pants
Detroit Rock City In My Pants
The Passion of Christ In My Pants (my personal favorite)
The Godfather In My Pants
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective In My Pants
My Fair Lady In My Pants
Gladiator In My Pants
Life Is Beautiful In My Pants
Bad Taste in my pants.
Dead Alive in my pants.
Clue in my pants.
Funny Girl in my pants.
Predator in my pants.
Underworld in my pants.
Star Wars: A New Hope in my pants.
Vertigo in my pants.
Kids in my pants.
Good Fellas in my pants.

How are these, Meg?
I notice michael crichton stuff works great for this

Sphere in my pants
Congo in my pants
Airframe in my pants
The Lost World in my pants

as for other additions

The Fugitive in my pants
Sleepless in seattle in my pants (classic, but mediocre)
Virus in my pants
28 days later in my pants
Resident evil in my pants
Shaft in my pants (one of the best ever, I think)
Lethal Weapon in my pants
The Postman in my pants
Waterworld in my pants
Pokemon in my pants (considering it means pocket monsters, rather appropriate)
Antz in my pants (classic board game, ever play it?)
A bugs life in my pants
Without a paddle in my pants
The Hulk in my pants (can't believe that wasn't taken)
and I believe my best ever at defcon was

Monkey Trouble in my pants